Hi there, I'm Joseph, and I'm a Photographer.

What do you think of photography?
I have always been the creative type. With photography, it requires patience, skill, and fortitude. It’s true, anyone can pick up a camera, and take a picture, but it takes so much more to decipher what makes that person special, or that day so different then all the others, and put it on display in a regard that was seeming unobtainable. My purpose, is to provide outstanding service and skill, and to showcase you and your family at your very best. I am trained in advanced lighting, as well as post production techniques that allow me to stand out from the large crowd of people with a camera. I love being able to go out to a new location, with a mind full of ideas, and bringing them to life. 

Why should I hire you?
I am offering personal customer service, a skilled craft, premium products, and a great deal of experience. I utilize professional-level gear, so that when the time comes, I am always able to deliver. I have a great backup system in place so that I don't risk any images. 

Natural Light or Artificial Light?
Who say's you have to choose? I am trained in natural light, as well as advanced artificial lighting, so that we can do sessions any time of the day.

What is your availability?
I am able to provide services year round. 

Do you provide services outside of Portraits?
Yes!  I am able to accommodate many types of photography, please contact me here, and we can discuss your needs.